"The First Advancia Academy"

Barcelona, Spain

May 7th and 8th, 2017

Welcome to the 1st Advancia Academy!

EAAP and Adisseo are pleased to announce the First Advancia Academy. This one and a half day workshop will be held in Barcelona on May 7th and 8th 2017. The meeting will be organized at SB Hotel Diagonal Zero. World-known invited speakers will share scientific papers and will effectively contribute to the dialogue between industry and scientific research. Mark your calendars!



The workshop

The workshop will be an in-depth opportunity to focus on feeding an ecosystem to transform feedstuffs into animal proteins. Therefore it will be of great interest for Nutritionists.

The Academy will allow attendees (end users, scientists, technicians) to understand the various aspects of the same technical issue. Starting from practical topics the participants will be able to review the fundamental scientific basis supporting the diverse opportunities. The main scope being proposal of efficient solutions for rapid and easy implementation.

The structure of this technical workshop “Advancia Academy” will be approximately 3 hour sessions giving the opportunity to customers/end users to address the issues, their concern and the economic impact. There will be enough time to produce review of the scientific knowledge for better understanding of the topics through keynote speakers. We will also host an hour-long roundtable sessions to share questions and potential solutions.

The sessions will be all dedicated to cutting edge Animal Nutrition topics:

1. Transforming feedstuffs into digestible nutrients;
2. The final objective: producing desirable meat;
3. Feeding the birds or the bugs, toward Nutrition Ecology.

The Programme

Some of the invited speakers are: Mike Kidd, Joaquim Brufau, Peter Surai, Gonzales Mateos, Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Sergio Vieira, Michel Duclos, Massimiliano Petracci, Mario Estevez, Richard Ducatelle, Mingan Choct, Filip Van Immerseel, Theo Niewold, Elisabeth Santin.


The workshop will be held in Barcelona at SB Hotel Diagonal Zero

Social Events

The organizers will provide a possibility for participants of the workshop to join in a Gala Dinner, which will be held on May the 7th. Delicious Spanish cuisine will be the icing on the cake for an incredible night that you will hardly forget.

Moreover there will be guided tours to the Basilica of the “Sagrada Familia”.


The organizers recommend to stay at SB Hotel Diagonal Zero, where a limited number of rooms was booked at a convenient rate.
If you are interested please indicate your choice of room during the registration.

There are also many other hotels close to the venue but please remember that May is high touristic season in Barcelona.